Thursday  News13 reported the Stroudsburg high school marching band will sit out  of this years St. Patrick's day parade. 
School officials say it's due to several things including safety concerns for the students, however parade organizers say otherwise.
"The Stroudsburg area police are throughout the parade, on the sidelines in uniform and non uniform," said President of the Pocono Irish American club, Brian Gallagher.
Gallagher says he was never made aware of any harassment of the band members in the past,or he would’ve made sure it was taken care of.
" We have had zero reports, nobody’s  ever been harassed, nobody’s ever been bothered, there’s been no complaints,” said Gallagher.
If you would like to attend the parade it begins, Sunday at 1:30. And if you can’t make it out we will be airing it on Brc13.