New voting machines have been rolled out in Pike County.

Pike County is one of the first counties in the state to update their aging voting systems before the 2020 Presidential election.

Director of Elections, Nadine Manzoni, predicts voting will get a little easier in Pike County.

"Hopefully these are going to keep the lines moving during the next presidential election"

The County spent 200-thousand dollars replacing the outdated voting machines.

"There was a trickle down effect and the state provided us with half the funding to replace them."

Under a push from the Governor- All counties statewide were required to change over to a paper ballot before the 2020 Presidential election.

"The good thing about changing to a paper ballot is it allows us to audit the votes."

Manzoni points out reverting back to the paper ballot is more secure, accurate and utilizes better technology.

"Its going to tabulate all the results, its going to be easier for the candidates at the end of the night and it will be easier on the poll workers as well

The process is simple - fill out a ballot - then scan it into the machine.

"They can fill out their ballot against the wall if they want to, then just pop it into the scanner and be done."

The new software will also alert voters of any errors.

"It lights up and will start beeping if there is an under-vote or an over-vote."

County leaders already tested out the new equipment.

"It literally took seconds all we did was fill it out and scan it right into the machine."

Pike County Commissioner, Steve Guccini isn't concerned with speed, but rather the accountability a paper ballot provides.

"Its really great because you can tabulate the votes electronically, but you also have the paper ballots just incase. "

The county will have demo dates for voters to test out the new machines.

A full list of locations can be found online at