Camp Papillon Animal Shelter is assisting in rescuing over 100 cats from a hoarding situation near Allentown.

The nonprofit was alerted of the home but Hound Hunters of NEPA and the deplorable conditions they were in.

Shelter Staff believe the cats were never taken to the vet and are in need of a lot of care.

Camp Papillon Animal Shelter is caring for 12 cats they rescued over the weekend from a home near Allentown hoarding over 100.

Cat Coordinator Sheila Aleman says, "We’re going to keep at this until they’re all rescued."

Other shelters were also able to take some too but a lot remain. 

Aleman explains, "There was a mental illness involved and the person did not want us to take any of the other cats."

Shelter staff have already started making sure the dozen get their vaccinations and medicines. They will also get spayed and neutered. 

Aleman says, "They have ear mites pretty bad. We have three that are blind. The cats that we wound up taking were all in one room, over 60 cats in one room. There was no water in the room."

The cats are in a quarantined room right next door that we’re not allowed to go in. But the room looks just like this, where they’re allowed to be free roaming, have their own space, areas to climb and toys to play with.

Cat Specialist  Maddie Aleman says, "They’re just scared but we’re starting to walk with them and talk to them, let them know it’s ok, we’re there for them."

You can help with that cats that are estimated to range from 1 1/2 to 5 years old by donating much needed supplies to the shelter. 

Maddie Aleman says, "We need lots of litter, cat food dry and wet, scoopers, linens, Lysol, a lot of cleaning supplies."

If you're interested in helping or eventually adopting the cats, just contact Camp Papillon. The staff want to remind everyone of the importance of spay and neutering because this whole situation could've easily been avoided.