Monroe County Habitat for Humanity needs to complete 15 home preservation projects before June 30th.

But they can't spring into action without your help.

Habitat for Humanity is putting out a call for volunteers of all skill sets. That's they only way they can complete their mission of ensuring everyone in Monroe County has a safe, decent place to live, regardless of age, income or disability.

Home Preservation Project Recipient Joe Sabarese says, "We could do it but it would take a big bite out of our savings. And we’re retired and on a fixed income."

Joe and Deanna Sabarese need help in getting a new roof for their home in Coolbaugh Township.

Joe explains, "It’s about 18 to 20 inches in the living room ceiling. First it was smaller with the first snowstorm, then I went on the roof with a roof rake on a ladder and pulled all the snow off. Then we had rain and the roof leak got bigger."

That's where Monroe County Habitat for Humanity comes in handy. They'll be able to pay back 75 percent of the cost for materials over the course of five years. 

Joe adds, "Great that they could save me 25 percent of whatever the cost is going to be."

But the work can’t happen without your help. The Sabarese’s roof is one of 15 projects that Habitat for Humanity is in desperate need for volunteers this spring.

Monroe County Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Kelly Kemmerer says, "We’re going to have four going on at a time. We probably need eight people at each project so 32 volunteers a day. We really need a lot more volunteers helping us."

Joe loves the idea of neighbors helping neighbors and hopes to see you on his roof or painting his ceiling. 

Joe says, "That’s what we do. You know, if you were out there with a flat tire, I’d pull over and help you."

And to give back, you don't need to physically use a hammer and nails. There's lots of ways to offer your talents, like Joe will be on clean up detail because of health reasons.

Joe explains, "I had a triple bypass, a pacemaker and they took out part of my lung so a lot of times I get out of breath."

If you would like to make a difference for the Sabarese's or any of the other home preservation recipients, just call Monroe County Habitat for Humanity at 570-216-4390. The nonprofit is also looking for a couple more projects to do.