Authorities conducted a search today after a human skull was found last week in Chestnuthill Township. 

It was discovered in the woods along Hypsie Gap Road. It is not known at this time whether the skull is male or female.

Tannersville Resident Jim Sadoski and his dog come to Hypsie Gap Road to look for woodcock and grouse.

Sadoski says, "If you need to hide a body, this would probably be the best place. There’s not a lot of traffic up here and there’s a lot of really thick woods."

While he wasn't surprised to hear a hunter found a human skull last Wednesday in the woods, Sadoski was suspicious to see all the vehicles on the road today.

Sadoski explains, "It’s rare that you would pass two cars on the way up and I passed probably five."

Crews spent the day searching for more human remains. State police, forensic units, the Monroe County Coroner, a forensic anthropologist and graduate students from Mercyhurst University in Erie and Unmanned Response made up the team. 

Public Information and Community Service Officer David Peters for Pennsylvania State Police Troop N says, "They assist local departments with drones. So they had some drones up today that were surveying the area, taking pictures, geographically mapping the scene from up above."

The goal today was to widen the search. We are told they found additional information last week after the skull was discovered. 

Peters adds, "Our major case team was activated with our forensics and a general search of the area was done. Anything that they obtained, they took back."

This is an ongoing investigation and further information will be released once the skull is determined to be from a man or a woman.