Job seekers in the Poconos have a chance to dust off their resumes and meet with employers face to face.

Workforce leaders say employers booked tables months in advance and some are waiting on standby..

They're confident the market right now favors the job seekers.

It hasn't been easy for Susan Newey to find a job.

"Its very difficult. There are 500 people applying to the same 10-15 places and its hard."

Newey says she sends out dozens of resumes everyday and just hopes for a response.

"At least 15-20 and I get so few calls back. I wonder if they are even reading them."

That's why Newey's eager for her opportunity to meet with potential employers face to face."

"Because you have their attention and you can tell them about your skills and what your qualifications are."

Workforce Development Director, Cynthia Defebo says more than 70 employers will pack into the Best Western Hotel in Matamoras next Tuesday.

With jobs ranging from entry level to senior management.

"We had no problem filling the room. We have hospitality, construction, manufacturing, medical. Jobs for everybody."

Defebo calls this a job seekers market, with many employers desperate to fill open positions.

"Alot of job openings right now, and they are struggling to fill them, The employers are struggling."

She credits a healthy economy for this turning of the tables.

"Lots of employers are growing and expanding and its really a great time to be a job seeker."

That is encouraging for job seekers like Newey.

"I am going to be there all days visiting every single table."

She says with 70 employers in one room, she plans on making a lasting impression. "

"I want to show them that I am strong, I am smart and that I can work."

The Working Pike Job Fair will take place next Tuesday from 10-4 at the Best Western Hotel in Matamoras.

Defebo says job seekers should bring updated resumes and come dressed to impress.