Transportation is becoming a problem for seniors in Pike County.

Many seniors are complaining about a shortage of drivers for Pike County Transportation.

Helen Hansen has been having some trouble getting to where she needs to go.

She's 85 years old and like many other seniors, depends on Pike County Transportation.

"Its not fair, its just not fair."

Seniors also complain about drivers arriving late to pick them up from their homes.

They point out how its cutting into their time to socialize and mingle with their friends.

"I only go to the senior center one day a week, is this too much to ask."

The county calls this a problem that has been going on for decades. 

"And like all problems in this county it comes down to dollars and cents. "

Commissioner, Matt Osterberg, blames a driver shortage for the transportation issues.

"We don't have drivers, we have put out adds for full time and part time employments for people who are looking to work."

The county has tried to accommodate the seniors in the area. They have recently added more time to the schedule.

"We have expanded hours, we are now going until 6pm and we have also added weekend hours, but it doesn't matter if we don't have drivers. "

The county says they are trying finding a solution that will satisfy everyone, but they are handcuffed until finding enough manpower to man the buses.