Many Christians today are observing good Friday and preparing for Easter Sunday.

It's a day for many Christians to abstain from eating meat to remember Jesus Christs crucifixion.

With many abstaining, it's a profitable day for seafood restaurants and pizzerias in our area. 

It's a small sacrifice for Ken Thiele to not eat meat on Good Friday.

"We will do fish, we will do pizza and things like that. "

Thiele says its a day of somber reflection to honor the way Jesus suffered and died for sins of the world.

"Its really about sacrifice and giving things up that's what its about."

Butcher shops in Milford are even going out of their way to cater to Christian followers.

"During lent we bring in lots of fresh fish. Today we have flounder and shrimp."

Joyce Landry stopped in Prime Time Meats to pick up some fresh fish for dinner.

"Good Friday we always eat fish so I stopped in to pick up some smoke salmon to cook."

Seafood Restaurants like Balch's in Milford are typically mobbed on Good Friday.

"This is our second busiest day of the year, Mother's Day is first and Good Friday is the second." says Joe Balch.

Balch has spent the morning shucking clams and preparing lobster. He expects long lines with many customers swapping a burger and fries for fish and chips.

"We do the fresh fish of the day, we do a fry fish and its always popular during lent and very popular on Good Friday. "

But its not just the seafood restaurants who are seeing a surge in customers.

"This is the busiest day of the year for us hands down. "

Johns of Arthur Avenue had to add extra manpower to handle the uptick in orders.

"We brought in more staff, we have people ready to go, made sure everyone is on high alert."

A pizza is being made every 48 seconds and Willis expects hundreds to fly off the shelves before closing.

"Hundreds, its hard to even predict. We will need to count the boxes at the end of the night to see how many we went through " says Emily Willis.

But sacrifice turns to celebration on Sunday, as Christians celebrate Easter, the day of Christs resurrection.