Sometimes it seems PennDOT road projects are happening during the worst times around holidays or special events. PennDOT officials met with members from several Pocono-area chambers of commerce to open up the line of communication.

Chamber members from the counties of Carbon, Monroe, and Pike met with PennDOT designers from the same counties to talk about how to better plan construction in an area reliant on tourism.

"It's critical because we have 27.7 million people traveling into our four county destination each year."  said Chris Barrett from the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau.

Barrett said PennDOT construction during the summer months sometimes happens during festival or holiday weekends. Meeting with community members is part of a new initiative called PennDOT connects. PennDOT is aiming to meet with more than your local elected officials.

Barrett said, "Anything that we can do to help facilitate that process and make it easier for them and telling them when large events are so they can stop work on roadways to make it not only easy for our guests but then also easier for folks who are local." 

Tamara Chant from the Pike County Chamber of Commerce says all the chambers at the table today have recently underwent new leadership which could help as PennDOT is becoming open to listen to more community and business leaders.

"It's a very new interesting and new group. I believe we have lobbying power." Chant said. "Bringing our chambers together we all communicate together we all work together"

Chant thinks it's vital to let commerce chambers weigh in on the construction project conversation because they're the connector between government and business.

"Chambers really make that link between the county, the supervisors and the individuals businesses." Chant said. 

She also said during these networking opportunities they might be able to meet those who are in charge of public and private development projects in hopes to speed up processes that sometimes take years.