A proposal to privatize medical transportation statewide is getting blow-back from county leaders. 

The Governor has been pushing for the state to take over medical assistance transportation. 

County leaders don't support the Governor's proposal. Not only do they call it more costly, but add it also strips the county of control of how these services are provided.

Giving the state total control of medical transportation doesn't sit well with Wendell Kay

"The way we do things in Wayne County along with all other counties is going well and we don't need any changes. "

In 2018 a bill was passed that would allow for the privatization of Medical Assistance Transport Programs.

"The state is proposing that we regionalize our medical transport and go through a statewide vendor. "

Kay calls this proposal a detriment to Wayne County.

"There is no way this would be cost savings not to the commonwealth, not to the county and not to the citizens"

Kay points out if privatized, people needing rides to the doctor would have to pay out of pocket. "

We would lose 19 thousand rides a year provided to our local residents and we would lose 675 thousand dollars a year in funding "

One of the main selling points for this change is a “savings” of $15 million which was baked into the state budget.

"There is this argument that it will save money and I don't believe that is true and more importantly it just takes away that local control.

And for Guccini taking that power out of the counties hands puts it's most vulnerable members of the community in jeopardy.

"We know the community, we know the roads, we know the people, and I think having that local control is how things should remain"

Commissioners in Pike and Wayne Counties have joined other commissioners across the commonwealth. They are asking the Governor to leave the medical transportation program alone.