State funding will breathe new life into a run-down park in Pike County.

Ethel Barckley park in Milford was once a popular tourist destination for visitors.

"Its not beautiful now but it will be beautiful. "

Jack Boyle has high hopes for Ethel Barkley Park in Milford

"A beautiful place for people to come and maybe sit for a while and read and relax"

23- thousand dollars in state funding will help bring Boyle's vision to life.

" not only financial donations or cash donations, but donations in kind."

Many people in the community have pledged their time to restore the park.

"People are just jumping in. They realize this is going to be something that is going to be very special for Milford and they want to do what they can. "

The restoration will breathe new life into the park.

"There is going to be tables, chair and flowers and everything"

Annette Harr points out there are nine parks in Milford, but this one offers a unique view.

"Its the only park that we have that offers a view of the river "

Donations helped purchase a telescope. Visitors will be able to use it free of charge to get a closer look at the Delaware.

"Youll be able to look and see the kayaks as they come down the river and it will be a destination point for people in Milford and the people who visit our town"

And for Boyle, when the facelifts completed, he expects the park to be Millford's new hot spot.

"I think this will be very well utilized. I think it will be a destination for the people in Milford but even the people who are going to be coming in to visit.

Boyle expects the restoration to finished by the end of the summer.