Almost exactly one year after flames damaged the living quarters inside its building, the Salvation Army is cleaning up from another fire.

"I'm just recovering from all of that and now I have to work with this," said Whispell.

Thousands of dollars worth of donations were destroyed Sunday after flames broke out just before 10 a.m., when a bin of clothing caught on fire in a back pantry.

That clothing was supposed to be given to veterans at this weekend's VALOR "Stand Down" event.

Instead it's being thrown out, along with a couple thousand dollars worth of food.

 "Almost everything in [the back pantry] that is edible or ceiling tiles, flooring, walls, some on this side, they're all gonna have to be replaced or fixed," said Major Sharon Whispell, pastor of the Tamaqua Salvation Army.

Thankfully no one was hurt and there's not much structural damage. But bins of clothing meant to warm those in need, and boxes of food meant for community giveaways, are now useless.

"That all has to be thrown out. We can't give it out because it's contaminated," added Whispell.

Because of what was lost, the Salvation Army will have to use inventory from its emergency pantry for next month's food giveaway, causing its supply to be depleted more quickly.

"We're going to be looking for dry good products, canned good foods, monetary gifts to help us on our end to re-purchase stuff as we need it," said Whispell.

Phones are already ringing with community members wanting to pitch in.

"I already have had phone calls this morning saying 'I heard on the news that you need clothing' or 'You need food, can we help?' It just shows the heart of Tamaqua and the surrounding area and it makes me smile," added Whispell.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Anyone who wants to donate clothing or food to the Salvation Army can drop donations off in the building's lobby during business hours.