Downed trees still a problem after last years tornado in Wayne County.

Many of those trees collapsed inside Gibbons Memorial Park in Honesdale.

Forest Service officials are trying to find a cost effective way to remove the debris without burning a hole in the towns pocket.

The tornado one year ago today caused extensive damage in pockets of Honesdale.

"Its was crazy you can even see the debris still down on the road. People had a hard time even getting around the next day."

"It was wild, there was stuff blowing all over the place and lines down and trees."

Gibbons Memorial Park was one of the areas hit hardest by the damaging winds.

"It was straight line winds that caused the damage"

Hundreds of trees inside the park are still down.

"I mean we have so many toppled trees. Its a hazard "and some are barely hanging - stacked one atop the other.

"They are kind of piled up and it could be very dangerous"

Paul Kowalycyks worried those trees aren't going to hold much longer.

"We have the ember ashbore rearing its ugly head and that will only add to the decay and make the trees more susceptible to collapse"

He's pitching an idea to Honesdale boro to get the trees cleared without burning a huge hole in their pockets.

"We have all the trees marked that fell down inside the park so we can get a prospectus on how much this would cost. "

The proposal focuses on getting tree companies to remove the trees at a reduced cost. In exchange -They can keep the lumber for themselves.

"So they can use it for firewood, for sales, for whatever they need and we can clear some of that out at a more affordable price"

Honesdale Borough Council was onboard with the proposal. Kowalczyk says people need to stay out of the park until all the debris can be cleared.