A central court system is coming to Pike County.

County officials are looking to move all preliminary hearings to the John Street Complex in Milford once a week.

Currently hearings are held at four different district courthouses making it difficult for attorney's, judges, and police.

It's an idea Tom Mincer has been pitching for years.

"We have been talking about this for three years now so when we hear its a matter of months it gets everyone excited."

Moving the court system into one central location.

"This could be a tremendous time and resource saver for all our police officers and judges"

Currently preliminary hearings are held on Tuesday and Wednesday - at four different district courthouses - spread out throughout the county.

"Im running all over the place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays trying to get things waived and get deals put into place"

and on many occasions - attorneys like James Baron point out those cases can overlap.

" it takes time it overlaps and it can cause serious delays in the system"

but under the central court umbrella, all prelims will be held on Wednesday at the John Street Court in Milford.

"It saves time out of transportation and it also frees up the other courts to do more under these time frames "

County Commissioner Steve Guccini has seen the success of a central court in neighboring Wayne County.

"Other counties have done it and its gone very well and I think it will make the courts along with the county more efficient"

And Baron and Mincer agree, they're confident a central court will be a tremendous time saver for everyone.

"I have experience with it in several other counties and it will be much quicker much more efficient"

"Right now we have police going to the jail and picking up defendants and shuffling them from court to court, but with a a central court we can save all that "

The County wants to shift to a centralized court system by the end of July.