You might have heard the saying C-P-R saves lives. A man saved by a group of people who knew C-P-R in Pike County comes back to say thanks. Allan Minnich of Nazareth was enjoying a weekend in Pike County with his wife earlier this year when he suffered a heart attack. A bystander performed C-P-R for 20 minutes before E-M-T's arrived. They took over with an A-E-D and Minnich's heart restarted. He is 53. Responders say his age was a factor working against him but what made the difference was how quick C-P-R was started and the quick response by the local ambulance. Minnich and his wife came by to say thank you to the first responders and everyone involved at a C-P-R class in Lackawaxen last night. He, his wife and several of his friends have since learned C-P-R and say they're ready to use it on someone else if needed.