The Mauch Chunk Opera House in Jim Thorpe was awarded a grant through the casino LSA fund to make some vital updates including heating and air conditioning.

The Mauch Chunk Opera House is basically an institution here in town. And they'll be receiving about 170 thousand dollars worth of grants to go towards upgrades here. The ownership said they've been waiting for a break like this ever since they started.

"After so many years of effort. So this makes a big difference." said general manager Dan Hugos.

From a new heating and air conditioning system, to a new sound system, and updated bathrooms, Dan Hugos says the Mauch Chunk Opera House needs some updates to provide an even better quality of entertainment

Hugos said, "A building like this, it's beautiful. And it was built for the sound that it's very well known for. but it needs work."

As part of the terms of the LSA grant from casino money, Carbon County had to apply for the money on the opera house's behalf. Commissioner O'Gurek says there's much to do before the money is spent.

"It's not a matter of the people of opera house just going out and finding a contractor." O'Gurek said.

He said work done to the opera house will have to go through the same process and red tape any county construction job does such as advertising the job and accepting bids.

"They'll have to have an engineer draw up the specifications, give them to the county. The county will put them out to bid. We'll take the lowest responsible bidder."

O'Gurek said it was a no-brainer to assist Hugos and his partner Vince DiGioso saying the opera house is the driver of Jim Thorpe tourism..

"This is very much not about just us." Hugos said, "We support the businesses, and the businesses support us."

Commissioner O'Gurek said the bidding process is likely to start some time in the late summer.