Three men appear in Wayne County court on aggravated assault charges.

The three were arrested earlier this month for shooting vehicles with bb guns in Hawley.

AJ Smith, Matthew Giordano, and Brendan Draughon, all 18, are charged with a dozen counts of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

Prosecutors say the three are responsible for shooting up cars and a home in Hawley borough earlier this month.

"When I heard of this the first thing I thought back on was the kids who were throwing rocks off the bridge in Central PA. Its just disturbing, very disturbing.

Robinson labels the incident unconscionable. He points out how the teenagers actions could of had serious consequences.

"Its incomprehensible to me that the people involved don't know the dangers of throwing rocks or shooting at a vehicle on the road."

James Baron who's representing Giordano believes the teenagers are sorry for what they did.

"I think they realize what they did was a mistake and I know my client feels remorse for being involved or even putting himself in that situation. "

Baron calls it a stupid mistake. He doesn't think their was intent to cause any harm.

"I don't think they had any ill will or intention to hurt anybody but they had these pellet guns and were looking for something to shoot at and decided to fire at occupied vehicles. "

and for Baron the teenagers arrests should make it clear to others how someone could have been seriously hurt.

"I think it should be a lesson, we just saw someone doing the same thing on 84 that maybe they got the idea from this and they need to know that this is dangerous, very dangerous. "

All three teenagers are locked up in the Wayne County Jail on 50-thousand dollars bail.