It's been 21 days since the Glen Onoko Falls trail in Jim Thorpe was shut down due to safety concerns.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission previously said it would need $1.7 million to make the improvements necessary to keep the trail open.

On Tuesday, Governor Wolf and other state officials were at the Glen discussing where that funding could come from.

Officials say to get the trail open, it's going to take a land transfer from the Game Commission to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. It's also going to take not $1.7 million but $4 million, which officials are proposing come from the Wolf Administration's "Restore Pennsylvania" initiative.

“This is a real gem, we need to invest in it.”

That's what Governor Wolf had to say after walking part of the Falls. Local legislators say "Restore Pennsylvania" is a bi-partisan effort and the answer to reopening the trail.

"[It's] a $4.5 billion plan to invest in our public infrastructure across Pennsylvania including our tourism assets,” said Senator John Yudichak.

The proposal would be funded by a natural gas severance tax. Right now, Pennsylvania is the only natural gas-producing state without one.

"Eighty percent of this would be paid for by non-Pennsylvanians,” said Governor Wolf.

DCNR says with a nearly $1 billion backlog of projects throughout the state, it doesn't have the funding to fix Glen Onoko, and neither does the Game Commission.

"That's why we don't think expansively about adding a new trail. If 'Restore' happens though and we make the land transfer that's something we could certainly do," said DCNR secretary, Cindy Dunn.

The Glen is known for the hundreds of rescue operations needed to save hikers through the years. Improvements funded by "Restore Pennsylvania" would include access points along the trail for first responders.

"It would be places where they could access off site by vehicle to be able to take people out more safely," added Dunn.

With those improvements would come many other costs.

"That's a design, trail, handrails, staffing, rangers, safety access, all that," said Dunn.

And that's why the $1.7 million price tag has jumped to $4 million.

But Governor Wolf has a promise for hikers.

"If we get 'Restore Pennsylvania,' I guarantee we'll open this up," said Governor Wolf.

Legislation implementing "Restore Pennsylvania" has not yet been officially introduced in Harrisburg.

If it is introduced and the bill were to pass, officials say it would take several years for the land transfer to be completed and the trail to be restored and reopened.