A Lehigh Township couple is hoping for a "hole in one" with their new business venture.

The run-down mini golf course and ice cream shop across from the Edgemont Park Roller Rink is being revived into a new attraction called Fore Scoops.

"We're really excited for people to come and enjoy it once we're open and you know, to bring some life back to the town a little bit," said Jessica Probus, co-owner of Fore Scoops.

Jessica is a lifelong Walnutport resident. Growing up, she spent summer nights at the old shop on West Mountain View Drive.

"I remember coming here, lines were out the door," said Jessica.

Now she owns it, along with her husband Jesse, who already owns a tattoo shop in Whitehall.

"It's beautiful out back, I wanted my kids to have something to grow up and play with and get off their iPads and have some fun," said Jesse.

The couple bought the close-to-nine-acre property a few months ago. They've been chipping away at restoring the 18-hole course into something a little less traditional.

"Instead of the greens, I'd like to do some sort of Rhino Linings coating where it's actually a more difficult, faster-moving surface so the kids won't run through it, they'll actually have fun and experience it," said Jesse.

Along with mini golf, Fore Scoops will offer almost 20 different flavors of ice cream.

"Ice cream is going to be our main focus. We may branch out into some other foods here and there but we're really just taking it step by step," said Jessica.

With their three little kids ready to help, the renovation has certainly become a family affair.

"They're really excited to interact with customers. They've already said they're ready for their first job so we'll see how that goes once we open," added Jessica.

The owners haven't picked an official theme but they are replacing the old neon lights with new custom-made ones.

"We're thinking like a Route 66 roadside attraction but we're not set in stone yet," said Jesse.

The Probus family hopes to open the course by the end of summer.

"I know a lot of people in the town, they're very excited for us. They're excited to have something to come back to and bring their families to like we did when we were little," said Jessica.

"I just hope kids come up and have fun and experience outside and get off their iPads and experience nature," added Jesse.