The National Park Service is gearing up for a very busy Memorial day weekend.

Park service officials anticipate thousands of people flocking to the Poconos for the extended holiday.

"Its nice to get away from the madness"

Joey Mazzetta loves retreating to the Poconos every chance he gets.

"I always come up here. I come out here when I can its just a beautiful place that's affordable and a not a long drive to get to"

Mazzetta comes up every year to escape the crowds at the Jersey shore.

" It's relaxing, you can't get this back home in jersey there is always crowds and there is always traffic. "

Mazzeta's a seasoned veteran, but his girlfriend is a rookie to the great outdoors.

" I am just looking forward to being out there and enjoying some peace and quiet."

Jackie Costanza calls herself a city girl, but she's excited for the change of scenery.

" The trees, the nature, just the beauty itself of life up here in the mountains."

While It only took the couple a few hours to drive up, other visitors had a much longer journey to get here.

"I am from the Amazon and you can't go hiking out there its actually dangerous and lots of wild things. "

Renato Antonio's visiting from Brazil. Its his first time in the Poconos, but hes blown away by what he's seen.

" Its wonderful, its clean, it's organized, the conservation out here is really supreme."

and with visitors from all over the world - The Park Service wants to make sure they are safe.

"The river level is going to be high its running about 8 feet this weekend. "

With the river level that high, Kathleen Sandt warns no one should be on the water without a life jacket.

"Wearing a life jacket is the most important thing you can do when you're out on the river it could save your life. "

but its not only on the water visitors need to be cautious. "

"One of the biggest problems in this area is also the smallest thing and that is a tick"

and Sandt advises all visitors to be aware that ticks are everywhere.

"They can be as small as poppy seeds and very hard to spot so people need to take the proper precautions. "

Sandt shared some tips, like make sure you wear light color clothing so you can spot anything on you. Also she advises wearing long pants that you can tuck into your socks or shoes to avoid any ticks crawling up your legs.

A thorough body check after getting out of the woods is a great preventative measure to make sure no ticks are on you.