AAA estimates 43 million Americans will kick off summer with a holiday vacation. Of those travelers, 88 percent will be driving.

"Oh jeez, how bad is it gonna be, how long are we gonna be stuck at a gas station wherever we are."

That's what Jean Schultz was thinking when she and her husband broke down Friday morning in Jim Thorpe. The New York couple is visiting for the holiday weekend.

"We've been here a couple days already, so at least we got a little bit of touring around. It's a beautiful town to take a weekend away," said Schultz.

The Schultz's are two of the many people starting summer off with a trip. Local mechanics say they see a lot of drivers breaking down this time of year.

"They run their tires low so they get flat tires, oil changes, stuff like that they run into problems with, transmission problems," said Donald Kresge, who works at Frank's Service Center in Franklin Township.

That's why it's important to check your car before heading out.

"Make sure you have all the maintenance of your car checked before any road trip. Make sure levels of fluids are on point," said Ramon Roedan, a sales manager at Lehighton KIA.

And have an emergency kit packed in case you do break down.

"Food, water, a phone charger, a flashlight," added Roedan.

Temperatures are climbing and so are gas prices. But there are ways to save at the pump when you're already on the road, like having good tire pressure.

"If they're underinflated, you're going to use more gas because the car's working harder," said Kresge.

When you need to cool down, opt for A/C. Industry experts say it's more fuel-efficient to keep windows closed.

"You get more air drag inside your car so the air conditioning is going to allow the deflection so you're going to get a little better gas mileage that way," added Kresge.