Fire destroys a home in Pike County.

It happened around 7pm last night at a home on Gumbletown Road in Palmyra Township.

"Scary just very very scary"

It was a terrifying experience for Patty Williams.

"It was really just surreal to watch your neighbors house burn up like that. "

Williams saw the thick clouds of smoke pouring out her neighbors home on Gumbletown road around 7 last night. She immediately called 9-11.

"I was so anxious last night all I could see was the flames and the smoke. "

Fire officials blame lighting for causing the blaze. "

Once that gets through the roof it has air, with a little wind like that shes going to burn."says Jack Longhenry of the Blooming Grove Fire Department.

Williams points out the lightning was so powerful - it even caused damaged to her property.

" It knocked out the well pumps and it even destroyed the underground dog fence, but nothing compared to those poor people."

Longhenry says 100 firefighters from seven different companies spent more than 5 hours putting out the fire.

" Nobody got hurt, nobody was deceased or anything like that so that makes it all worthwhile.

And for Williams thats what is most important. She's relieved that the entire family was safe.

"I feel bad because some of those personal things that they lost, but at least they were ok."

The homeowner owns a a construction company and tells us he plans to rebuild.

State Police Fire Marshalls are still investigating what caused the blaze.