A long awaited shopping center in Pike County is raising many questions from residents in the area.

The shopping center in Delaware Township was scheduled to be built years ago that includes a Weiss market and several small shops.

But there has been no construction and residents are wondering what's holding up the center from being built.

"Its kind of shocking everyone has been hyped up about it for years"

"Dieter Schlegel's tired of hearing about the new shopping center in Delaware Township.

"Every year we hear its going to come this year, its going to come next year and its almost 2020 and here we are."

Still no construction has started at the planned location along 739.

"there is nothing there its just woods. "

Schlegels frustrated with the delays. He still needs to drive up to 20 minutes to grocery shop.

"The closest thing is like dollar general, but that doesn't even have real groceries.

" Other residents are skeptical a shopping plaza will ever get built.

"There are no people there, there are no trees being cut, nothing. "

Which disappoints Faith Mead. The shopping center could bring hundreds of jobs to the area.

" This area could really use more jobs and I know alot of people were looking forward to it.

"Delaware Township officials understand the community's harsh criticism.

"I think everyone needs to be patient. Once the ground work starts I believe the project will move quickly.

Krista Predmore points out Weiss Market applied for a liquor license this week, giving her a reason to remain optimistic.

" To me it confirms that the ball is rolling and that this project is going to get done. "

But residents still aren't convinced. They won't be satisfied until construction begins.

"I think that's the general consensus I feel like nobody really knows anything"says Mead.

"They have been telling us about this for years and I will believe when I see it" says Schlegel.

We spoke to the project architect who confirms the shopping plaza will be built.

He expects construction to begin in late July or August.