Three members of Congress met in the Lehigh Valley Thursday to discuss and debate issues facing our nation.

Congressmen Dan Meuser and Tom Malinowski along with Congresswoman Susan Wild spoke to the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce about the impact these issues are having here in the regions they represent.

"The results speak for themselves. Look at the economy. We have the lowest unemployment virtually in my life and i'm kinda old, since the late 60's," said Republican congressman Dan Meuser.

Meuser is on board with many of the policies enacted by President Trump since he took office. But he still wants to see more progress in his 9th district, which includes Carbon County.

"That's why I was mentioning during the course of today about revitalization, opportunity zones, capital investments and doing everything I can to bring in more companies and more jobs and raise wages," added Meuser.

The left side has not been shy about disagreeing with the president. Democratic congressman Tom Malinowski of New Jersey's 7th district didn't hold back in discussion about border security.

"We have a reality show presidency, not a policy presidency," said Malinowski.

While Malinowski and fellow Democrat congresswoman Susan Wild both want tighter borders, President Trump's proposed wall isn't the way they want to achieve them.

"Frankly, it's a waste of taxpayer money. There are definitely things we need to do at the border, advance technologies, and I very much believe in that kind of thing," said Wild.

"Every single member of Congress, Republican and Democrat, who represent the border, are against building a wall from sea to shining sea. They are for border security, as we are," added Malinowski.

Chamber officials tell us it's important to bring these conversations from Washington to the Lehigh Valley, an area booming in popularity.

"Our proximity to the ports, to Washington D.C., to New York City, our area has become so populated because we're an affordable place to live, although that's starting to change as well," said Michelle Young, executive vice president of government and public affairs at the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Congresswoman Wild says her 7th district, which includes the Lehigh Valley, is a place where candidates need to show up heading into Election 2020.

"Pennsylvania is a key state and anyone who doesn't come to this district is missing the point," said Wild.