In 2018 Penndot reports 23 employees were killed while doing their jobs in work zones.

With construction season in full swing, Penndot wants drivers to be cautious of their crews.

"All it takes is one second to be a distracted driver"

The statistics are nauseating to look at for Christina Sullivan.

"Last year I understand there were 23 fatalities in work zones and that is just in Pennsylvania."

That's unsettling for Sullivan who points out these accidents could be easily avoided.

"We want everyone to slow down, especially slow down when traveling through work zones. "

Its the busy season for Penn Dot. Crews are spread out all over fixing the roads. " Our workers are out there, Penn Dot workers, construction workers,trying to repair our roads. "

To reinforce this message, PennDot held a safety fair at the Matamoras Welcome Center.

"People need to slow down in those construction zones because it will save a life"

Police are not only urging drivers to slow down, but move over for any emergency vehicles on the road.

"I cant even tell you how many people we lost because someone swerved into the construction or crash scene because they failed to move over."

Sullivan calls these tips common sense, but stresses the importance of getting the message out with so many drivers on the roads.

"People need to just slow down because everyone is running around and the roads are busy with people traveling for summer and a split second can cost someone their life."

Penn Dot officials also warn drivers, that fines are doubled inside a construction zone.