An animal shelter in Pike County is in dire need of rescuing.

The Pike County Humane Society is the only no kill shelter in the county.But officials from the nonprofit say money is tight and its an ongoing struggle to keep the gates open.

"The numbers don't lie"Barry Heim's terrified at the thought of losing the shelter.

"If it comes down to it I will spend the last dime we have on the last animal we have."

The Pike Humane Society has been the only show in town for 21 years.

"The reason we have survived all these years is the grace of god."

Over that span - Heim's given more 10-thousand dogs and cats a forever home.

" Its mind boggling when you think of that as an individual number for a little shelter in NE PA. "

but with money tight, he's struggling to keep the gates open.

"We are bleeding money on adoptions so we rely on the support of the public to pay the bills. "

The cost to run the shelter averages more than 30-thousand dollars a month.

"My books are open, anyone who wants to look at them and tell me where I can save money have at it. "

Heim points out more than 80 dogs or cats are housed at shelter and some chew up over a hundred dollars a day.

"We take dangerous dogs, we take dogs that are hit by cars and dying, we take them all. "

The shelter depends on donations to survive. Today it was the community who came to their rescue.

" I mean they have helped me with animals, we have found animals, rescued animals and they are always here to help. "

Michele Tellefsen paid it forward. Dropping off a trunk full of pet food and supplies.

"They are the only shelter in Pike County and they are desperate for help so if you can help, every little bit helps. "

And for Heim - it's donors like Tellefsen that keep the shelter in business.

"They make my heart smile because its not about me, its about them."

The Pike Humane Society will host its all you can eat Italian Dinner tomorrow at St Patrick's church in Milford. The event runs from 4 until 8 and all proceeds benefit the shelter.