Drivers should prepare for a some traffic delays on a busy road in Pike County.

Penn dot's trying to fix some of the drainage problems the roads been having. 

Its all part of PennDots betterment projects that will be taking place throughout the summer and officials say with all the rain, the work is necessary., 

Penndot's focused on keeping the water off the roads.

"We have had an unbelievable amount of rain the last year and a half"

Chuck DeFebo blames the wet weather for causing many roads to fall apart.

"Water is the biggest enemy to our roads. "

But PennDots working on some improvement projects to extend the lifespan of the roads.

"Anytime you're getting that water out of the roads subsurface, you're doing that road a great benefit. "

PennDot crews are doing shoulder cutting on route 6 and 209 in Milford.

"Shoulder cutting does a great amount of work funneling the water off the roadway itself."

Crews are also replacing some of the drainage pipes that run underneath the road

"We have been lucky enough not to get alot of washouts in Pike County, but we are still doing what we have to in order to address drainage."

Once that works done, a two mile stretch of the road will be tar and chipped - then sealed.

"By seal coating it you are extending the life of that road by years, you can get another 10 years on the road by seal coating it regularly."

but thats not the only work being done on the road. Penn Dot's also doing some upgrades to make route 6 safer for drivers.

"We go back and try to figure out how to make traffic flow better and how to make the road safer."says James May.

PennDot will be giving 1.8 miles of the road a facelift. Changing some of the traffic lights and adding new turning lanes. May calls these steps necessary to improve traffic flow.

"Sometimes a road was designed 50 or 60 years ago and so we have to go back and re-look that because most likely what was working 50-60 years ago isn't really suitable for today."

PennDOt estimates both projects will be wrapped up by October of 2020.