A Pike County Municipality is investing more than a half-million dollars to give it's township building a facelift. 
Blooming Grove Township was awarded state grant money to help with the costs. 
It's been more than a decade in the making for Nick Mazza. 
"We were committed and we were determined we were going to do this."
Expanding the Blooming Grove Township building - at no extra cost to taxpayers. 
"We are always very careful how we handle the taxpayers money."
The new additions estimated at 700k, but 100k in LSA grants will offset some of that cost. 
"It's about 1/7th to 1/6th of the total cost so that's a substantial amount of money." 
The new addition will include a larger meeting room, kitchen, shower and more office space. 
"Supervisors currently don't have their own office in the building so we will have a shared office that will serve as our conference room." 
Staff at the building call the extra space a necessity. 
"We have files in drawers, we run out of tables to lay the things on so we ran out space." 
Joanne Donahue will be a relieved to have all those files in one central location.
"It's going to be nice, we are all looking forward to it although I'm not looking forward to another renovation." 
And Mazza points out with the extra room- the building will be fully  equipped to act as an emergency shelter. 
" If weather is shutting down the highway and the interstate. We can bring people right here to shelter at this facility" 
Mazza expects construction to start in September and wrap up by May.