The Blue Ridge Chapter of the Dream Come True Foundation grants wishes all over the region. A boy from Brodheadsville with Muscular Dystrophy is now living his dream and pursuing his passion for music.

The teenager received a keyboard and three different guitars, and his family couldn't be happier.

"It feels unreal. This is the kind of stuff I see in my dreams..not expecting to see in real life." said Alexander Baldwin.

Alexander goes by Xander. At 15 years old, he just started learning how to play the guitar and keyboard back in November, but immediately fell in love - picking it up pretty quickly.

Xander got an electric, acoustic, and bass guitar, an amp for each one, and a Yamaha keyboard today. He says he's never had such quality instruments before.

Xander said, "They were mostly like beginner, my first guitar kind of stuff. my first keyboard all that kind of stuff."

His mother Elizabeth says Xander didn't want the typical trip to Disney World. Xander has muscular dystrophy, and going to Florida would have been hard on him.

"A trip is something that would've been fun, but it's so exhausting for him to do travel. Because of muscular dystrophy, it's something where if he did something for a day, he'd have to recover for a day or two" she said.

The Blue Ridge Chapter of Dream Come True offered him a wish in 2009, but it took him 10 years to decide what he really wanted. Board member Joe Urban said he was especially happy to grant this wish because of his own personal love for music.

Urbvan said, "It's a the word I have to use. It's truly a blessing to help somebody out with a dream like this because I enjoy music so much myself."

Xander doesn't want to waste any time doing anything other than what he loves. Time is precious, and he wants to make sure he spends every last second making music on his brand new Les Paul.

"I want music to be the rest of my life," Xander said, "And I plan to go on, whether I just record, whether I do gigs, I want to make music my career."

Xander and his mother are so grateful for everyone at the Dream Come True Foundation Blue Ridge Chapter and Guitar Center, and if you would like to donate just visit