Two women are sentenced in Pike County for causing the death of three people back in 2017.

All three victims died of an overdose. Prosecutors say the heroin was laced with fentanyl.

Katie Woolsey was sentenced up to 40 years in prison while Gianna Rose can spend up to 25 years behind bars

We spoke to family of the victims, who tell us they've been shattered by losing their loved ones and are still trying to pick up the broken pieces.

"Its been over a year, but it feels like it happened yesterday."

Filiz Duman chokes back tears, talking about her twin sister

"She was a part of heart, a part of my soul and I will never be the same. "

Deniz Duman died from a heroin overdose in November of 2017.

"She was last family member I had left, mom died, she was all I had left. "

Dunman blames Katie Woolsey and Gianna Rose for selling her the fentanyl laced heroin that stole her sisters life.

"She's still in the box that the coroner gave me so that's how I have to look at her everyday in that box. "

DThree people died from that batch of heroin. Kylie Abramowski's mother was one of the victims

"It's been heart-wrenching I haven't even been able to work . "

Abramowski's disgusted that to Rose and Woolsey, her mothers life was worth the same as a pack of cigarettes.

"ten dollars. ten dollars that is it"

and what makes it even harder, Ambramowski's brother committed suicide just six months later.

"He took his own life because of my mothers passing, so indirectly the both of them took another life. "

And while both women are satisfied with the stiff sentence - nothing can bring back what was ripped away.

"Not only did I lose my mother but also my brother because of this. "

"We were supposed to stick together to we were old and gray. And I now need to find some way to move forward. "

Katie Woolsey was sentenced to 18-40 years in prison while Gianna Rose received 12.5 to 25 years.