Families who use SNAP benefits and access cards can use them at the Monroe Farmer's Market in Stroudsburg, and they'll get more than what they're expecting.

In partnership with a local non-profit, people using snap benefits will get double the value.

The Pocono United Way is helping struggling families get fresh food at the Monroe Farmer's Market with the Double Bucks Program. For every SNAP dollar spent, the United Way will give a buck.

"Families who are working hard are forced to make tough choices between paying for rent, buying medicine, gas to get to work and pay for a basic that we all need.. food. And so this partnership double bucks allows us to basically stretch that food dollar that much further." said Sarah Jacobi from Pocono Alliance.

She said they're out to help struggling families put fresh food on the table. She said there's a great need in Monroe County.

Jacobi said, "In Monroe County about 20,000 people are food insecure meaning they're not sure where the next meal is going to come from and about 50% of our kids in the county are on free and reduced lunch."

Michelle St. Andre from the board of directors for the Monroe Farmer's Market said this also helps the farmer's in business. She said if you help incorporate fresh food into people's diets, it could possibly let them visit the doctor less.

"It also is a wonderful way to help everyone have fresh food which in the long run will hopefully help decrease health costs" St. Andre said.

She said everyone deserves to enjoy the fruits and vegetables that come from the local farms like hers.

"And many times that fresh food isn't available to all people," said St. Andre. "And this is giving everybody a chance to have that fresh food for their family."

The farmer's market is open every Saturday, rain or shine right here at Courtyard Square, from 8 am until noon.