Hundreds in Wayne County are putting their political affiliations aside and coming together to celebrate flag day.

Wayne County hosted it's annual Flag Day Celebration at the Wayne County Courthouse this morning.

Nikki Torres has tremendous respect for the American Flag.

"We live in such an amazing country and its a privilege and honor to just be here. "

Its that unwavering patriotism she's instilled in her own children. "

To respect the people that gave us that privilege is something I think is important our children our taught. "

Torres brought her small army of children to the Flag Day Ceremony at the Wayne County Courthouse.

" I think its important to learn about all the people that have died for our freedoms "says Mary Orman.

"Many people we know risk their lives in a war or a battle. they sacrificed everything its amazing. " says Aiden Torres.

Hundreds attended the flag day ceremony- It's been a tradition in Wayne County for three decades.

"Its been going on a long time and its something we want to be able to continue as long as we are commissioners"

for Kay, its chance to put political differences aside and unite for something bigger.

"One side is associated with the color blue, the other is associated with the color red. Well the American Flag is red, white and blue and that's a good reminder for all of us. "

and for Torres and her clan, that's what makes America the greatest country in the world.

"We are super thankful to have such a community that loves this country as much as we do"

" I just think its a great way to honor all of the people who have fallen for our flag."

In 1937, Pennsylvania became the first U.S. State to celebrate flag day as an official state holiday.