The rain didn't dampen the spirits of river-goers today for the 25th anniversary of the Delaware Sojourn.

More than a hundred people braved the downpour to continue this week-long outdoor excursion.

But with cold water temperatures, people needed to take extra precautions on the river.

"Rain what rain"

River-goers wouldn't let rain dampen their spirits.

"I don't think anyone cares at all, I think its more fun."

"Today is going to be an adventure, but I mean we were wet yesterday and it didn't even rain."

 ""Even in this weather, its a great day to be out on the river. You cant really beat that."

This is Gwen Pettites first sojourn, but she's no rookie to outdoor adventure.

"I've been in Colorado for 30 years so I've never been on the Delaware River, so what better way to learn. "

Pettite considers this an opportunity to see things she would never experience at home.

"Water is a big thing in Colorado so to a see a river that is undammed or reconstructed by humans is a really cool thing. "

but its not only first-timers who are excited for this soggy sojourn."

We are back even this rain, we always enjoy ourselves. "

Tina Myers is a seasoned veteran. She credits the people for bringing her back year after year.

"The group of people is great there are people that have been here for years and years and years and they are truly wonderful."

But while having fun is a given, safety cannot be taken for granted.

"We are keeping in touch with people and making sure they don't have any hypothermic issues because of the rain and the water."

and safety coordinator, Jamie Posten, points out with water temperatures this low it doesn't take long for hypothermia to set in.

" Most people don't realize with the air temperatures and water temperatures that this is a real possibility so they don't take the proper precautions. "

Posten mentions a cheap way to avoid hypothermia is by grabbing a garbage bag,  cutting a hole in the top and draping it over you. That will trap in the body heat in and keep you warm.