Dozens of river-goers happily waded the waters for the 25th anniversary of the Delaware Sojourn.

Each year, canoers and kayakers flock to the 330 miles of water that flows through New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware .

Today participants were taking off from Bushkill to continue the week-long river excursion.

"Its really amazing."

Dean Emrey has been on the sojourn since its inception.

"25 years ago me and my father were on the first one ever."

Emrey admits he was skeptical about going at first.

"You know I know the river and I don't want to do a guided trip and hes like come on.. and here I am today. "

It's a tradition he passed down to his own children..

"Very proud to be a part of it, very proud to be a part of it. "

Emrey takes pride in seeing how the sojourn has evolved over the years

"It really really just gets bigger and better. "

but he's not the only one on the trip who's been there from the start.

"I think its a really safe area to try things and do things and that's what I think got me to go on the first one."

Dave Simon recalls about a dozen people on the original sojourn - now more than a hundred join this annual river excursion.

" We are really proud of that and a big part of that is people coming back year after year. "

Simon can't pinpoint what brings them back, but he's convinced the natural majesty of the river plays a big part.

"Its got to be the river, that's what attracts people and that's what brings them together."

and both Simon and Emrey credit the sojourn for helping forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

"Its the camaraderie, its the food, its the friendships that have lasted 25 years. "

"You make friends, and you make family."

The sojourn wraps up its week-long river excursion on Saturday