The sound of music will fill the streets of Milford starting tonight. 

The Milford Music fest has been one of Pike County's hottest summer events. It attracts huge crowds and brings out music fans of all ages. 

It's one of the reasons people embrace living in Milford.

"We might be a tiny little town, but we definitely have life to us. "

"Milford is a cool town and anything we can do to bring more people in is a good thing. "

"I have been living here for 27 years and I just love it."

Music will fill the air starting tonight. "

You can be from any ethnicity, any race, any town and similarities in music will bring people together. "

More than 30 local artists will jam out in this three-day music marathon.

" The town is inundated, you walk this way you're going to hear something you walk that way you're going to hear something else."

Which transforms every street corner into one giant stage.

"It feels like you're in New York you have music all over, and the saxophone player on the streets.. its a cool cultural thing. "

"It was really cool, I was working and band was playing right across the street and its just a cool scene. "

"You can just walk down the streets and let the music pull you in and the block party they shut the whole street down and people are literally dancing in the streets. "

Its that sound of music that attracts massive crowds to Milford.

"Im sure we can expect hundreds to come through town this weekend alone. "

and its festivals like these people credit for driving the towns economy..

" I think all the businesses will be jammed and all the lodging will be booked so people can stay in town. "

"This music festival brings people from everywhere, its helps businesses and gets people out of the houses. "

"Im sure all the restaurants will be busy and its a great billboard event for the town too."