A community in Pike County votes to remove several cabins in a popular park because of ongoing maintenance issues.

Delaware Township Supervisors originally thought about repairing the three cabins at Akenac Park.

But after digging a little deeper, they made the decision to have the cabins demolished instead.

Supervisors call this a difficult decision, but after receiving cost estimates and learning about other necessary repairs, they felt knocking down the cabins was the best option.

Some of the cabins in Akenac Park are in very rough shape

“They need a lot of maintenance to even remain standing. “

Krista Predmore points out the roofs on three of the log cabins are leaking and some of the wood is rotting away.

“The roof is leaking and they need a lot of other work so it’s just not something we want to do.

The township considered fixing the cabins.

“We were actually thinking about re-roofing the cabins because they are deteriorating.

But supervisor John Henderson says the repairs wouldn’t be worth the money.

“We are talking about a ton of money for something we may use in the future. “

The cabins have been abandoned for decades. Henderson calls sinking money into them unfair to taxpayers.

“To support leaky buildings or to fix leaky buildings that haven’t been used in 30 years just doesn’t make any sense. “

But before demolishing the cabins, they will be put to use.

“In the meantime the fire department is going to use them for emergency training. “

 Delaware Township fire-fighters will use the cabins to simulate live action training.

 “It gives the fire department an opportunity to do some drills that they wouldn’t get to do otherwise. “

And for Henderson- it’s tough to put a price-tag on just how valuable that experience is.

“The training itself that fire department gets out of this is worth a lot of money”

Bids are already out for the demolition. Supervisors estimate the cost to be around 8 thousand dollars and expect the cabins to be knocked down in the fall.