Zion Lutheran Church in Tamaqua has been under renovation since 2017.

"Here is a major structure that has been around a long time that represents hope in the community and by restoring the building, we're restoring hope in Tamaqua," said George Taylor, a member of the Zion Lutheran's Capital Campaign Committee.

The church was built in the 1920's with granite, limestone, and cast concrete.

"I've been told concrete has a 100-year lifespan and we're basically at that lifespan," said Mark Valentine, Zion Lutheran's property chairman.

But in 2015, the iconic structure began falling apart.

"Through the years it would crack a little bit, and you get water in it and it would freeze and pop. You have that freeze-thaw cycle and that's what caused the deterioration," added Valentine.

Rather than close their church doors, parishioners decided to pay for the repairs themselves.

"We have an older congregation. They've been here their [whole] lifetime. They just don't want to move on, they wanted to be here and the younger people that have come in are excited with the building. They want to stay here, so it seemed like an easy decision for them," said Valentine.

The nearly $1 million rehabilitation project is being broken up into four phases. The second part addressed deterioration of the church's upper chime tower. That scaffolding is being taken down this week. When that happens, the project will be officially halfway done.

While many other churches across the country are closing, this congregation has pledged over half a million dollars so far to restore theirs.

"It tells the community that they should have faith in themselves because there's a group of people willing to restore, at almost a million dollars [this church]. There's a group of people willing to do that for a building. They should have greater faith in their community," said Taylor.

The entire project is expected to be done within the next five years. Church members say when the scaffolding comes down this week, people are going to be amazed.

"That one tower is going to stand out because it's just going to be amazing, the work these people have done," said Taylor.

Zion Lutheran is continuing to accept donations for the restoration project. Anyone who would like to contribute can reach out to the church.