Dozens of volunteers are on their second day of the Delaware River Cleanup.

For the last 30 years volunteers have dedicated two days, plucking the garbage from the water.  

Park Service officials credit the cleanup for keeping the Delaware River pristine.

It's quite the milestone for Kittatinny Canoes and The Park service who have hosted this event for the last 30 years.

If you ask Bob LeDuc why he volunteers

“The more garbage you clean up the less likely it is that people will throw more in there “

You’ll find there is nothing else he’d rather do.

“It’s so important I love this I really do I love nature."

LeDuc’s played an integral role. He’s taken part in all 30 years of the cleanup.

“I’ve seen the river change. I was here when we pulled out 1006 tires during the cleanup.

But it’s not only seasoned veterans who are pitching in.

“We came to clean up nature and enjoy this beautiful area we live in “

Rookies to the cleanup like Jen LeDuc are also lending a hand .

“Just to be able to really give back to nature and clean up what others have left behind “

Over the past 30 years, organizers say more than 500 tons of trash has been purged from the river.

“One year we got over 1000 tires in just one year alone “

Dave Jones labels most of the items run of the mill, but there’s also been some head scratching discoveries.

“Its been appliances, its been cars, its been anything you can think of we have got out of this river. “

But the river has changed a lot in those three decades.

“Im actually amazed by how better the river is now than what it used to be"

“And Jones credits the thousands of volunteers for making the water cleaner than ever before.

“What this river cleanup has done has really transformed the Delaware River “

In the past old cars, tires, kitchen appliances and even sticks of dynamite were found during the river cleanup, but nothing that out of the ordinary has been found this year, which Jones points out is great news for the river itself.