With temperatures hovering around 90 degrees, the heat can be dangerous for everyone..

But staying cool in the hot weather is very important, especially for seniors.

Cooling stations are setup throughout Pike County to offer seniors a place to escape from the heat.

"Its terrible, its terrible."

This extreme heat is unbearable for Sheila Rahfield.

"It doesn't feel very good. "

She's one of the dozens of people who came to the Matamoras Senior Center to cool off.

"There are alot of people who don't have air conditioning so to come to a place like this to cool off is wonderful"

Rahfield points out many seniors are on fixed incomes - making it difficult to run the a/c 24/7.

"If you don't want to spend the money to have your air conditioner on all day you can come here and cool off for nothing. "

Rahfield's not alone. Many seniors like Ruth Evers ducked into the cooling station to beat the heat.

"This heat is unbearable if you just opened up that door you can feel it sticking to you so this is a wonderful place to cool off."

But Evers isn't only here to escape the sun, but to socialize,and fill her belly.

"You can interact and you have food to eat also which is good. Its a nice cooling place."

Aging officials encourage more seniors to take advantage of the cooling stations the county has in place.

"Air condition is electricity, electricity is a bill, and that's something many seniors cant afford so this is a sanctuary, a cold sanctuary that they need. "

and while some seniors were here to hide from this heatwave. "Its nice and cool"

For seniors like Rahfield, its a place to break bread with good company and keep the mind sharp

."You get to interact with friends, its fun and its something to do. "

Cooling centers are open all week in the county and Pike Transportation will shuttle them from place to place..

Aging officials say make sure to check on any seniors you know, to make sure they are alright, especially with even hotter temperatures in the forecast this weekend.