A church in Stroudsburg is asking you to give your unwanted shoes a second chance and donate them to make a difference.

The footwear you’re no longer wearing will give people in underdeveloped countries a leg up.

And it will also help Stroudsburg United Methodist Church on Main Street.

JoAnn Calkins of Brodheadsville stopped by Stroudsburg United Methodist Church this morning with a bag full of shoes.

Calkins says, "It’s better that someone is using them and wearing them then us just throwing them in the overfilled landfill."

The church on Main Street has partnered with “Funds 2 Orgs Group” to conduct a shoe drive fundraiser. All they have to do is collect gently worn, used and new shoes. In return, the group will give them a check. Every kind of footwear is accepted except heavy winter boots and any kind of skates.

Your unwanted shoes will be sent to developing nations to give people there a work opportunity.

Church Secretary Jackie Herrero explains, "That they call micro-entrepreneurs and they will start up their own small business and sell these shoes to people that need them in those countries and create a path out of poverty."

Calkins loves the idea and knows how much the bag she's donating will mean.

Calkins says, "I see all of the people in the third world countries that have to walk miles and miles and they’re barefoot. And the children in the dumps picking up stuff and they’re barefoot so it’s just a way to give back to the worldwide community."

A lot of shoes have already been donated but they need thousands more. Their goal is 2500 and that will help them help the church.

Herrero says, "They pay us 40 cents a pound so if we collect 2500, we could be looking at close to or about a thousand dollars for the church."

Herrero came across the shoe drive as she was looking for ways the church could pay-off its repair bill for the bell tower. The work was done in 2015 and over 144 thousand dollars is still owed.

Herrero says, "The bell tower was not covered by insurance and that money had to come out of the trustees accounts so we’re trying to get that back."

Herrero hopes you'll go to your closet, pick out the shoes you're no longer wearing, then bring them to Stroudsburg United Methodist Church and spread the word. The drive runs through October 16th.

You can also call the Church at 570-421-6020 for more information or if you'd like to set up a bin for the shoes at your business.