A Stroud Township man is facing charges for wrecking havoc at a pizza parlor.

It happened last night in the parking lot of Coppola’s Pizzeria in Analomink.

Vehicles were damaged and a shot was fired.

Owner Michael Coppola of the pizzeria on Paradise Trail in Analomink didn't know what to think when he found out his neighbor caused quite a scene in his parking lot around 7:30 last night.

Coppola says, "I wasn’t here yesterday, I was off and all I got was a bunch of phone calls."

Ronald Strunk Jr. is facing aggravated assault and other related charges.

Chief Jen Lyon of Stroud Area Regional Police says, "It was reported that a male was ramming into vehicles, several of them and took a shot at the caller who had called 911."

When police arrived they located the reported white truck stuck in the woods behind Coppola’s Pizzeria. Police say Strunk refused to exit the vehicle and a brief 30 minute stand-off ensued.

Lyon adds, "Strunk did agree to exit the vehicle via the roof. He did eventually come down to the ground. There was a brief struggle and he was taken into custody."

Police located a black revolver on the roof of the truck. Luckily no one was injured throughout the whole ordeal. Police tell us they've had run-ins with Strunk before with previous incidents. But Coppola has a nice working relationship with him.

Coppola says, "I’ve known him, I’ve been here for 19 years. He’s never given me a hard time. He’s always been a nice guy with me. I feed him, he comes to take care of the parking lot when there’s snow and stuff, and for that I trade off."

Police want you to know the pizza parlor had nothing to do with this incident, it just happened to occur in the parking lot.

Lyon adds, "The community shouldn’t have any concerns also about safety issues. That’s been addressed."

Strunk was arraigned and was taken to jail on five thousand dollars bail.