A family in Wayne County is giving a New York City kid a week-long country vacation.

Its all part of the fresh air fund, which provides inner city kids a home away from home.

Dulce Smith's family just got a whole lot bigger.

"I love hanging out with them and playing in the pool with them

The nine-year old from the Bronx comes from a small family.

" There family is big and mine is little. "

Dulce doen't even have a backyard where she lives.

"I live in an apartment. "

But those conditions changed this week - when the Meaghers took her into their home in Honesdale.

"My house is small and their house is big. "

It's the first time the Meagher family's ever hosted a kid from the fresh air program.

"Dulce has really enjoyed being here, having that country feel and that small town living. "

Dulce fit in seamlessly with her other five daughters.

" She even referred to them the other day as all my sisters. for Maureen Meagher it was her only chance to play the role of big sister.

"Im the youngest of five so I never had a little sister so this has been cool just having her to play games with and stuff. "

and the Meager's tried to fill every minute of her week-long visit with memorable experiences.

"We went over to the aquarium in Scranton, the fair, went out on the river and did some hiking.

but Moe was surprised to learn that Dulce appreciated the simple luxuries more than anything else.

"She's happy just being here at the house with the girls and interacting with other children. "

and with Dulce's visiting winding down - she couldn't be more grateful for the experience.

"I loved the family and being able to hang out with all the girls. "

Dulce will be heading back to the Bronx tomorrow, but says she plans on keeping in touch with the entire Meagher family.

If you want more information on the fresh air fund or to be a host family, you can check out their website for more information.