Mac and cheese lovers came out to Kinsley’s Shoprite in Brodheadsville today.

News13's personalities competed in the 2nd annual cook off to benefit Dream Come True Blue Ridge Chapter.

The competition started heating up today at Kinsleys Shoprite before George, Marie, Dave and I even started cooking our mac and chesse creations.

With the help of Executive Chef John Hunt, we were ready to spend the lunch hour serving our labor of love. Spoons starting stretching the savory dishes to hopefully satisfy cravings and crown the big cheese.

And it wasn’t just all about your taste buds to vote, it actually went to a great cause too, the Dream Come True Blue Ridge Chapter which means so much to the community.

Dream Come True Blue Ridge Chapter Board Secretary Wendy Borger says, "When we go to the dream intakes, sometimes you’re crying with the family. They just really appreciate it. And some think they don’t have money but it’s not that issue, giving back to a child so that they can kind of have a free week to kind of focus on other things."

A little over 150 dollars was raised for the nonprofit that makes chronically and terminally ill children’s dreams come true.