William Morales of Nesquehoning needed help last Wednesday moving his wife and two young children out of their Hauto home. He asked a man from town to help move furniture and other belongings, but that man ended up sexually assaulting Morales' one year old son.

29 year old Mark Mead was arrested and charged with statutory sexual assault of the one year old, but the boy's father was also arrested for how he retaliated.

William Morales and Mark Mead were loading items into a truck. Morales said on one of his trips back into the house he caught Mead sexually assaulting his one year old son. Police paper work said Mead was pistol whipped and held at gun point which got the father an aggravated assault charge. Morales' wife is blind-sided with her husband's arrest for defending their baby.

"And then when we got back, the police dropped me off the house and said, "Oh by the way, we arrested your husband. I said, 'What? Why?' What would you arrest my husband for?'" said Mary Morales

She said this is a picture of Mark Mead, the man who allegedly sexually assaulted her infant son. She's devastated by the entire series of events - her one year old son was assaulted, her five year old son witnessed everything, and her husband William was arrested for doing what she believes was the right thing.

"They were saying [Mead] was bruised up, but obviously my husband was going to intervene for my one year old child." Mary Morales said.

Police paperwork said William Morales held Mead at gun point for almost two hours and pistol whipped him multiple times until police arrived. Mary Morales said her husband didn't call police because they have to go outside to make phone calls, and her husband didn't want Mead getting away.

"We have terrible phone service." She said, "Had I not gotten home I don't know when the police could have been called because he wasn't going to leave the children alone with this guy again just to walk outside so that he could call the police."

Mead admitted to police his genitalia did touch the one year old's mouth, but claims it was an accident. Mary Morales said Mead was high on meth. She is so confused why her husband is in jail for protecting his own children.

"He shouldn't be in jail. My son was victimized already by a violent and horrific sex crime, so you're re-victimizing him every day by taking his father away from his life. I don't get it." she said.

Nesquehoning police are not giving a comment at this time, but say they are aggressively investigating this case. The next court date for both Morales and Mead is September 25th.