A Pike County high school invests millions to bolster its career tech programs.

Delaware Valley High School spent 11 million dollars to upgrade some of its classrooms along with building a new STEM wing.

John Bell wants his students to have some options after graduating high school.

"So if they are not interested in college lets get them into the career tech program so they can have a career and make a good salary."

Bell points out many students coming out of high school aren't made for college.

"They rather do hands on learning as opposed to book learning and listen there is alot of money that can be made out there working with your hands. "

That's why the district invested 11-million dollars to upgrade its career tech department.

"Why spend the money to go to school because now you're spending money instead of earning money and you could be making a real nice salary with these careers."

Millions have been spent on renovations. The auto garage has already tripled in size.

"These kids are so lucky the opportunity they have to work in here is fantastic."

A new commercial kitchen and dining room has also been built, doubling the size of the old one.

"We took all the old culinary space and occupation space and its just something. its beautiful. "

The school also built a ten thousand-square foot addition for its STEM programs. "

It has engineering, architecture and computerized drawing, its got a maker space"

The new wing will encompass architecture, design, engineering, environmental labs and even advanced mathematics courses.

"So there is a multitude of careers that hopefully we can flip the switch and get kids interested in. "

and for Bell, providing all these different career paths, should give the students every opportunity to succeed.

"There is really three levels of kids. There is the kids looking to go to college, there is the kids who are going into the workforce and developing skills and there is the kids who don't go to college and have no skills and that's the group we are trying to shrink as much as possible. "

About 200 students are enrolled in the career tech program at the high school. Bell expects the renovations to be finished by August 26th, the first day of school.