Missing the Meals On Wheels Wingfest? Well have we got an event for you!

In July, we first told you about this new event that's replacing the nonprofit’s annual fundraiser.

"Monroe County Meals On Wheels Day" is this Saturday and around 100 businesses are participating.

Monroe County Meals On Wheels Executive Director Heidi Fareri says, "We’re hoping to help more and more of our clients that are on the lower end and having to eliminate the need to pay anything for their meals."

Monroe County Meals On Wheels has over 200 clients daily. We’re told a third of those homebound residents don't get government assistance to pay for their delivered meals and some cant afford them.

Fareri explains, "A lot of people say “how could they not afford 50 cents?” But if you are only getting 400 dollars a month in income and your expenses are 600 dollars, any assistance you can get toward helping your expenses is appreciated."

Fareri doesn't want clients compromising on their food. That's why she's hoping you participate in Monroe County Meals On Wheels Day this Saturday.

Fareri says, "We’ve had phone calls of people saying we’ve heard of Monroe County Meals On Wheels Day, where is the event? Well there’s no one place, it’s all over the county."

Over 90 businesses have signed up to show they care by raising money in different ways. One is the Wendy’s on Route 611 in Tannersville.

Local Wendy’s Franchise Representative Kevin Jones says, "We’ve been a volunteer for Meals On Wheels for seven years locally here in Monroe County, both my wife and I, and we think it’s a great cause. When they came up with the fundraiser we knew this was a great fit for us to help out in the community, give back to the community."

Some businesses, like Wendy’s, have these canisters out that you can put your donation in and other businesses are doing something special on the day.

Fareri says, "We’re going to go around with a car to different businesses so Sweet Creams is doing a special, I think it’s a sorbet they’re doing, and the sales of that is going to come back to us. I think McDonald’s is doing a promotion with the BigMac’s. So as you go on our website you can see what they’re planning to do and you can participate in any way you can."

Just go to http://www.monroemeals.org  to learn more about the 17th. There's also a chance to win a Bahamas Cruise on the nonprofit's social media pages.