On Tuesday, we told you about William Morales, a Nesquehoning man arrested for attacking another man he allegedly caught sexually assaulting his one year old son. There's been a huge public outcry for Morales saying he did what any father would do. Our Facebook post received over 750 comments and shares.

This case caught the attention of two Philadelphia-area lawyers who want to represent Morales for free, but the big question is why are two lawyers just outside King of Prussia coming all the way to Carbon County. When they heard Morales' story, they couldn't help themselves and reached out to his wife. Good defense lawyers are costly, and they want to help him out.

"Justice sometimes is very expensive for people. And it's unfortunate. So that's what drove us to get involved in this case."

Meet Jonathan Luff and David Strenfel. The attorney team looking to set William Morales free. Strenfel is originally from the Wilkes Barre area and was shocked when he read an article about the situation.

Last Wednesday, Morales had Mark Mead, an acquaintance from Nesquehoning, help his family move out of their Hauto home. When Morales went back in the house to put more items in a moving truck, he told police he witnessed Mead sexually assaulting his one year old son while his five year old son witnessed it all.

"We saw the case. I reached out to my partner. I asked him what he thought of the case. And we both agreed we can help, why not? I mean, this is what we do for a living." Strenfel said.

They are trying to work hard for Morales without being pushy in a place they've never been.

Luff said, "We don't want this to drag out. We don't want to be the outside lawyers that are coming in here to disrupt anybody's work. That's not our angle. That's not our view."

They're hoping to expedite this case. If the charges stand and this goes to trial, Morales will sit in prison for a crime he might not be guilty of.

"Which means Mr. Morales has a great chance, there's a better chance than not that he will spend months in jail before his side is even heard." Luff said, "Before anybody can even say to the other side, 'Hey listen, this is a catastrophe."

Strenfel and Luff met with Morales on Tuesday for the first time. They say he's doing as well as can be expected.

Strenfel said, "He's just caught off guard with what happened. He's holding up well. He has faith in the system to vindicate him."

As for the alleged abuser Mark Mead, Carbon County District Attorney Jean Engler tells us they're looking into the possibility of filing additional charges.