Leaving water bottles in your car could start a fire.

Emergency leaders call the chances slim but there are numerous documented incidents nationwide where the empty bottles resulted in the car catching fire. 

Emergency officials say the bottle acts like a magnifying glass, and at the perfect angle, it has the potential to spark a fire.

Jordan Wisniewski’s been a firefighter for 15 years. Over that span, he’s never seen a water bottle cause a fire.

“I’ve never seen anything like that I have seen some other occasions, where things can suddenly combust. “

Wisniewski calls the chances rare, but adds it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

“The bottle acts like a magnifying glass, and any of the kids who used to burn the ants on the side walk, it is basically the same thing. “

Wisniewski points out this happens because water and the plastic bottle create a magnifying effect, which can set the inside of the vehicle or plastic on fire.

“It intensifies the suns concentration of its heat and rays and its going to reach a certain ignition temperature and when it hits something inside that’s that.

Some people we spoke with were stunned that a water bottle could be a fire hazard.

“It will heat up and make hot water, but I never heard of one even exploding or anything like that.

But after making the magnifying glass comparison, She quickly realized that even though the chances are slim, it could happen.

“It would have to be the most perfect ultimate angle. “

But others we spoke to weren’t surprised at all, and pretty knowledgeable on how a plastic bottle can pose a risk.

“I read it online, people leaving the water bottle on the dash and it magnifying through and setting the interior and the car on fire. “ says Anthony Caruso.

But Wisniewski doesn’t want to create a panic, its uncommon for a water bottle to ignite the car on fire.

“The possibility is there it could happen, is it likely no, but it could happen. “

Just to be safe Wisniewski suggests leaving these in the trunk, which would keep the bottles out of direct sunlight.