50 years ago a small farm nearby in New York State drew more than a half-million people over three days for peace, love and of course rock and roll.

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of Woodstock and though a half-century has passed for many the memories will never fade.

Woodstock has taken on mythic proportions. The euphoria of those three days provided memories that lasted a lifetime.

“I was there for one reason and one reason only to see Jimmy Hendrix”

“My big claim to fame was bumping into Janis Joplin walking through the crowd”

“The thing I am most proud of is the influence we had brought our boys home from Vietnam. “

In the midst of the Vietnam War era, Woodstock ignited a revolution toward peace.

“This was ground zero for the peace movement in the United States and then the world. That’s significant. “

But it was also a catastrophe - rain, mud, and food shortages plagued the festival, but attendees made sure it never became an unmanageable disaster.

“Even with all the rain, the scarcity of food, and all the people there wasn’t a single fight.”

 “When the army dropped in food, we shared this food nobody hoarded it or sold it and that’s the same way it is now. “

50 years later that nostalgic vibe and positive energy has returned to the place it all began.

“I just love to feel the love of that era and I hope everyone else can feel that love as well. “

“Its about a movement and if we come together we can have a better world. “

“It’s a place with no animosity and no drama where everyone loves each other whether you know each other or not. “

And for those who returned, the world may have changed, but the love lives on.

“Its carrying on a tradition of making sure the movement that started the peace movement is carried on, remembered and revered. “

And with headliners like Ringo Starr and Santana the mythical legacy of Woodstock will live on for years to come.