More and more people are looking to replace their pharmaceuticals with medical cannabis, but doctors who can help you do that are often far away and costly. A Philadelphia-area physician came to Schuylkill county to help and educate people who aren't familiar with the use of hemp or cannabis.

"So from the very beginning I tell them this is going to be the best doctor's appointments you've ever had." said Dr. Sara Abbruzzi. She

often sees patients who are nervous about using cannabis for the first time. She was hosted at Agape Blends in Hometown on Route 309, a store dedicated to selling hemp CBD products - none of which will get you high. She saw over 30 patients yesterday, many of them looking to ditch pain killers.

"A lot of them are discouraged by what they've been through in the health care system." Dr. Abbruzzi said, "And suffering with these chronic symptoms. And a lot of time a year later patient are off so many of their pharmaceuticals and they're feeling better and living a better, healthier life."

Matthew Neifert owns Agape Blends. Although Dr. Abbruzzi was visiting his store, helping some patients sign up for medical cannabis through the state, Neifert helps people who don't want to go that far. His products are over-the-counter and won't get you high.

"CBD can give you some of the options that THC cannot, and it's more affordable." Neifert said, "For people, especially in this region, who are a little timid to spend money on these products."

A lot of the products found at Agape Blends can be taken in pill and food form, some you can rub on your skin. Dr. Abbruzzi works with the Jefferson Health System, but just recently started her own herbal wellness practice in King of Prussia. A lot of her time is spent dispelling myths of cannabis. The biggest one being all medical marijuana makes the patient high.

"Because many want to function and go to work. And be able to perform their daily routines and not have that feeling. So I think most are really excited to know that there are products that you can avoid the high." said Dr. Abbruzzi.

Medical cannabis has THC and can get you high depending on the strain, but hemp will not. Neifert was just certified by the state to grow his own hemp. He believes in hemp's healing properties. Unlike opioids, Neifert says there's no risk in trying his hemp products out.

Neifert said, "Some of these issues can be treated with a plant like cannabis or hemp and it's at least worth a try."

If you want to learn more about visiting a doctor during their next physician event, or are interested in any of these over-the-counter products you can visit or search Agape Blends on Facebook.